In conversation with “Sally Bean Couture”


Sally is well-known for creating beautifully bespoke, made to measure romantic and feminine wedding dresses. Her most recent 2021 falling flowers collection, made for the modern romantic bride is contemporary, incredibly timeless and epitomises luxury.

So lets get to know Sally…..

How long have you been designing dresses, what is your background?

I have been designing dresses for my whole life, even as a child I just wanted to make dresses for my dolls. At University I studied fashion and did a Ba Hons and a Master of Arts before gaining my first ever fashion job with Jenny Packham as an embellishment designer in her bridalwear design department and then I worked my way up with some amazing labels including 7 years as senior manager for Phillipa Lepley looking after everything from Design to PR and VIP clients.

I launched my own bridal brand at the end of 2017 whilst on maternity leave with my baby daughter working on it quietly by word of mouth and officially launched to the world with my website and business 25/12/2019.

How would you describe your style? 

My style is endlessly romantic, but still modern. Beautiful details are at the heart of everything I create and a true luxurious service, fabrics, and expert fit are my trademarks.

Where do you get your inspiration from & have you found there is a current trend?

I am inspired by my clients, real women who are asking and we design together their bridal looks. Every dress I create is individual and unique to that bride only and so each creation I create is utterly beautiful and unique. For my own collections I am inspired by nature, architecture and a feeling. My 2021 spring collection is called Falling Flowers and is inspired by a girl walking through a meadow with flowers gathering at her feet.

Sally Bean Couture

What’s your favourite style of dress to design?

Every single dress is my favourite! Working one to one with each bride. Making her look and feel absolutely amazing really makes my world go round.

What information do you need to know when meeting with a bride for the first time?

When meeting a bride, I always start a WhatsApp chat with her way before we meet, we also sometimes have several zoom calls too, really chatting about her wedding details, inspirations, anything and everything, we form a connection before we meet so when I do meet her in person I have a strong idea of what she is looking for.

We then try on lots of shapes and silhouettes to identify the perfect proportions and I literally pin and create the perfect dress for her within the fitting. It’s a really lovely experience. Everyone compliments me on it.

How far ahead of a wedding should a bride meet with you and order her dress?

As I have my own studio and atelier I am flexible and can make dresses to any time frame. But a lovely relaxed time frame is 9-12 months. But I have made dresses that are spectacular in 6 weeks so nothing is impossible.

As Audrey Hepburn said ‘nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible’

Sally Bean couture

How long does It usually take to create a bespoke dress?

Each dress has hundreds even thousands of hours of love pored into it. Each dress we reimagine the laces and make them unique.  Every hidden corset is made bespokly for each bride to fit and look and feel amazing.

Each bride comes to me 7 plus times to achieve perfection. It’s a wonderful creation journey with each fitting, a little more has transformed on the dress and I can check and work with her presenting the dress each time and checking in the brides figure.

Do you only make bridalwear?

No I make all special event wear for private clients. I am currently working with several mother of the brides designing really special elegant and luxurious designs.

What do you love about working in the wedding industry?

I love the beautiful dresses I create, there is no other industry where you can make the most special dress that someone will ever wear and be part of someone’s life and special moments.

It’s really a happy and special time of someone’s life. I really work hard to make that time really special and it is important to me that each bride feels looked after and special.

And finally, do you have a dress that you have created that stands out for you?

I can honestly say each dress I create I am truly in Love with, and so proud of. Each dress is utterly special and beautiful and I am proud of the perfection we have achieved.

If you would like to get in touch with Sally to discuss options to have a bespoke wedding dress made, you can contact her here or email her at