As a luxury wedding planner, I’ve always been a romantic, and as a little girl I would happily spend hours dreaming about my own wedding day. Even as an eight year old, I was impressively detail focused and could have told you the varieties of flowers I wanted (hydrangeas and white roses) the way I’d decorate the venue with candles and unicorns and the song that would be playing as I’d take to the dance floor with my Prince Charming!   

As I got older, it was the atmosphere of the weddings I attended that I fell in love with, the love you would feel under one roof, the feeling was electric and I never wanted that feeling to end.  It wasn’t until I finally got married myself that I soon realised planning weddings was where my passions lay and now I get to create that same electric feeling for my couples. 

Before starting my luxury wedding planner business, I worked for over a decade as a private PA, organising events for my clients and keeping their lives running smoothly. This career honed both my organisational and creative skills, and this, coupled with the passion I have for weddings means I’m as happy sitting at a spreadsheet as I am styling a tablescape.

I’m a sucker for the sensory (my scented candle collection is getting out of hand) a real foodie and I love learning new recipes to share with my friends and family over a bottle of fizz and sourcing stylish curios and knick knacks for our home. I bring this multisensory approach to my wedding styling and design, looking beyond how a setup looks and focusing on how it feels, using texture, scent and lighting to create an overall experience for you and your guests.

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You know you want your wedding to be unforgettable for all the right reasons, to feel at once like a stunning expression of your style and a big warm hug for each of your guests.  You want fabulous food, decadent details and a dancefloor that stays packed until long after the stars come out.  This is your special day, but the ones you love deserve to feel special too.


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