Top 10 tips for styling your wedding

Styling a wedding is not a small job and it requires a huge amount of attention to detail, but it can be such a joy to design and it creates a stunning first impression for you and your guests, however it can feel quite overwhelming and daunting as to where to start.  Here are my top 10 tips to help you style your wedding.

  1. Look at the venue, this will determine the look and feel.  If you already have an idea, keep this is mind when carrying out your venue visits.  Think about the colours that surround you at the venue, what does the room look like?  Is it just one colour or is it busy?  If you’re having a marquee wedding, what are the gardens like and always visit in the season you will be getting married so you will be able to see what flowers grow etc.

2. Colour palette, Look around you, what colours do you love?  Look at the interiors in your home, look in your wardrobe, think about what colours you are drawn to.  I usually like to start with a colour my client loves, then pair it together with other complimentary colours.  My designs always have a timeless classic feel but with a contemporary edge, I like to do this by adding a darker tone, and choosing a material that gives texture whether it be metal candlesticks, or stone tealight holders, or chic black wooden chairs, texture is really important to consider.

3. What season are you getting married?  Flowers in season are more budget friendly, so consider using flowers in season and work around those colours.

4. Design a moodboard, I like to use, but you can also build one using clippings you have found from magazines.  You’ll soon see the big picture of your wedding once everything is on a moodboard and whether the look works.  I like to split the moodboard in to the parts of the day, so the overall look and feel of the day, the ceremony, the reception, table décor and the evening party.

5. Group in odd numbers-three is the magic number!  By grouping in odd numbers, it creates a visual pull to whatever you have grouped, you may not be aware of it, but it really does work.

6. Repeat-By using repetition throughout your tablescape it allows an item that may have been usually missed stand out.  For example, if you have banquet style tables, by repeating the same displays throughout the table, the styling will stand out more than it would have done if it was just one display.

7. Lighting-Lighting creates mood and atmosphere so really think about what lighting you want to use.  Lighting can be used to highlight an area, for example lighting your walkways with Festoon lights or lanterns, candles on your tables, I am a great believer that you can never have too many candles, but check with your venue to see if they have any naked flame restrictions, not all venues allow candles.  When considering lighting, always visit your venue at the time of year you’re getting married and the time of day, that way you will know what additional lighting may need.

8.Source the right suppliers.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to choose the right suppliers that you trust and like and are the right fit for your style.  You need to choose the suppliers that can bring your vision to life and ensure it’s everything you imagined.  Flowers will have the biggest impact on your day so this is something you really need to budget for, especially if flowers play a heavy part in your styling.

9. Find out what your venue can provide.  Some venues can provide tableware and chairs, so check with them what they provide and if it works for you.  Sometimes venues can offer to upgrade the options for an additional cost, it’s always worth checking.

10. Pack a styling kit-On the day whoever is setting up will find this incredibly useful, think scissors, Sellotape, safety pins, lighters.  I always have a huge kit full of everything I might need in an emergency. 

I hope my top 10 tips for styling your wedding have given you the motivation to go away and start styling your wedding with excitement.

Top 10 tips for styling your wedding

Designing your wedding should be fun so don’t stress, but if the thought of styling your wedding overwhelms you,  do get in touch by emailing me to find out how I can help you style your day to perfection.